The brass band orchestra and majorettes are organized as a civil association. It is not a professional music and dance group. They participate on different social events, concerts and international festivals. Its repertoire is a variety of different types of music from national and international composers. E.g. marching compositions, folk compositions, current modern and Latin-American rhythms.

The brass band orchestra was established in 1975. Its founder, the former director of the Art School Štefan Baláž, brought up his follower, a conductor Vratislav Hruboš from the members of the orchestra. The post of the conductor was also held by Štefan Vlk, Michal Ševčík, as well as Leoš Staněk, who became later an art leader of the orchestra.
The group of majorettes was founded in 1977. Since then the brass band orchestra and majorettes are inseparable part. During their existence they have achieved a lot of success at home and abroad, as well. Among the most important festivals belong: Podtatranský festival, Pádivého Trenčín, FIJO Cheb, Kmochův Kolín, San Remo festival of flowers, Verona festival and others. The brass band orchestra gave concerts also in many European countries like Poland, Hungary, Germany, Italy and France.

At the present, the members of the group are students from the primary schools, high schools and universities as well as the employed people who have been within this group since their childhood. The brass band orchestra and majorettes heve been organized as a civil association since 2002 with the chairman Pavol Šveda. The creative leader is Stanislav Mokrý. The choreography of majorettes is lead by Zuzana Balážová, Zuzana Plšková a Katarína Tlapáková.
Štefan Baláž Vratislav Hruboš
Štefan Baláž Vratislav Hruboš

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